Steven Lehto

First Post! 11/08/2009
Okay, little people, I am about to amaze you. If you look at the date, it says 11/08/2009. But this is 12/19/2010. Why? I can travel through time. I came back to write this post. Impossible? No. Nintendo 3DS. Iphone 4. Killzone 3. Diablo 3.  3D TV. Mockingjay. How do I knoow about them? Because I am from the future. No ther explination. So treat me with a little more respect. Or I will go back in time and make sure you aren't born. Hahahahaaaa. 



12/18/2010 12:56:30




01/07/2011 15:36:16

imm coming to get u at midnight tonite, BEWARE its ur creep cousin from outer space... WATCH OUT, GREEN HAIRED PEASENT...i no where u live... magnolia its MEGHAN(DUH DUH DUH)



01/07/2011 15:37:51

alright... this time im 4 real coming 4 u at midnite... WATCH OUT reader bware ur in 4 a scare MWA HA HA HA HA HA HAHAHAHAHA


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